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Going Places Network - Walls

I was nervous. I am not a natural when it comes to training.  I thought in the morning, when I was dressing my girls for school, that girls and women need each other.  They need a ‘sisterhood’ of support.  My daughters are lucky, they were born into a sisterhood.  They have each other.   The Going Places Network is a sisterhood, in many ways. It’s a safe place where women, who never got to have a support system, for the first time can. It’s a safe place, with no judgment.  It’s a place where you can discover yourself and have other women validate those discoveries.   If you are having a bad day, just like a sister, someone is there to tell you it will be okay.

 Immediately, when the women of this new cohort introduced themselves, they began to connect.   Connections are hard to make as adults.  We all have stories and baggage. There are walls that we build up, and refuse to take down.  Every one of us.  But one-by-one, the women starting this class began to laugh, together.   They realized that for whatever reason, the universe brought them together for this journey.    Perhaps it was my wicked sense of humor, but I don’t think it was - it was the epiphany that they are not failures at whatever they have been told they failed at.  They are worthy of attention, success and happiness.  Walls can be taken down, if there is someone there to help us.  So, the first day, I saw it.  I saw walls being taken down.  (ekm 05/24/2016)