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Going Places Network - Sharon

Here is my ode to Sharon.  You will be missed, you are loved, and you are part of the Circle of Success.  Do you know what the meaning of the name Sharon is?  Do you?  Okay, fine, I will tell you.  Sharon simply means-plain.  Plain isn’t a fair way to describe you.   Plain means “not decorated”; yeah right we have seen your style.  You can decorate.   You are not plain.  Plain also means ‘easy to perceive, clear.’ That is more like it.  You are easy to understand, because you are direct.  I think I like this most about you.  You are no nonsense.  You are not vague, but clear.  What you see is what you get.   

Enough about you, let’s talk about us.  About Dress for Success.  How are we supposed to carry on? We have already had to learn to adjust in your absence.  I miss your daily walk into the doors of Dress – and being in awe of the way you carry yourself.  It’s regal, but not in a pompous way.  

Do you think we will survive another audit?  I guess we will pass that torch to Monica and Lisa.   Very capable hands.  But it might become the hunger games – (may the odds for ever be in their favor). You have left big shoes to fill.  Well, I am not sure of your actual shoe size, but I am being figurative, not literal.  I have every confidence that we will find a way to carry on.

Back to being regal.  The Queen of England in the beginning of WWII used a phrase of encouragement that became a campaign cry for all during the war.  Keep Calm and Carry On.  This is what Dress for Success must do more than ever.  But, I would like to change it.  I think now, perhaps, what we should do and say is:  Keep Calm and what would Sharon Do?  

So here is my final thought.  Very in very simple terms.  Dear Sharon, you are not plain, you are amazing.  You will always be welcome back, with open, warm hugs.   Don’t forget us.  We can’t forget you.   (ekm 05/11/2016).
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