Client Spotlight


jasmine success

I used to work with Levi Strauss, for 22 years, and then they closed. I wanted to cry. That’s when I was introduced to Dress for Success San Antonio. They were offering services to us if we needed help to look for another job. That's when I found out how much they help - in so many ways. The staff makes sure you’re ready to get out there again, make a great impression when you walk in the door and with the tools to apply. They teach you how to dress, even how to speak well and answer difficult questions. This will stay with me always. I am very thankful for all their help. Even if I have a problem and just need someone to talk to, they help; it does make a big difference, especially with all the competition in the work force.

I am a grandmother and love to spend time with my 2-year-old granddaughter. I laugh so much with her. Now if sometimes I cry, they are tears of Joy.